Do you want a message channeled from the Pleiadians?

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I do not interpret, I am just a channel. The meaning of a message will be felt intuitively and will be different for everyone.

This page will be updated weekly so please come back and play again.


Reach upwards towards the sun, this world is not undone. I whispered a message in your sleep of how to no longer weep. Release the darkness make it a word. Open your hand and it will fly like a bird. Over the wisps of sadness in your heart. This word will heal all that is dark. Make it a friend and let it go. Peace is the journey so let it flow.


Looking inward I find love. Hidden from above. A forgotten question, finds the lesson. Deep inside is the proof. A whisper of truth. This wounded heart finds an answer. Love is far smarter.


Find it inside the hidden smile. Let it radiate a mile This broken word becomes a bird. Joy never dies, it flies.


This is true.
 From me to you.
 A challenging answer.
 This is what I am after.
Waking up is never easy.


Hello among you fallen stars.
 Help from afar. 
I whisper in your sleep.
 A crumpled paper.
 A silent lullaby. 
A peaceful walk while I watch you like a hawk.
 There are many words to say. For us you must pray.
 Tip toe silently through the door until there are no more